Data-driven customer engagement, loyalty and growth for mid-size organisations

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There’s little point holding customer data unless you can apply it, when and where it’s needed. But for mid-size organisations especially, this can be hard.

We help our clients to simplify and accelerate this process, with an easy-to-use suite of cloud software for customer data management, machine learning and data analytics, multi-channel messaging and marketing automation, sales promotion management, customer loyalty and retention.

“The HTK team has been so helpful throughout this project, not only in terms of the technical implementation of the new program but also in terms of their advice on the overarching strategy. They’re quick to respond and always ready to help find solutions, even when it’s outside the scope of their services.”

Adrian Mosley  |  Head of Digital |  Krispy Kreme UK

Unlock customer value with ML-driven engagement




Accelerate your data strategy

Get your data into shape for an ML-driven customer experience. Use our data lake architecture to run pre-built or custom ML models, and get real-time insights.

Activate data across channels

Apply your data insights in real-time, across physical and digital channels. No coding, no complexity. Use our end-to-end platform or link seamlessly to your existing systems.

Get the support you need

Our professional services team blends the commercial, technical and data science know-how you need to grow customer value through the real-time application of data.

Put customer data at the heart of every interaction

Data insights are worthless unless they can be applied at the point of customer need. Horizon lets you create those insights using best-practice data science and machine learning techniques, then personalise your messages, campaigns, sales promotions, loyalty offers and more.

Interested in exploring the possibilities?

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