Customer acquisition

For profitable business growth, it’s essential to acquire and retain the right customers. Acquire the wrong ones, and your cost of acquisition might be higher than the customer’s lifetime value. Retain those customers, and you amplify the problem year-on-year through the ongoing cost of servicing them.

Acquisition strategy, therefore, has to be considered hand-in-hand with retention strategy, and Horizon can help you with both.

Ad targeting

Use your existing customer data to create “lookalike audiences” for targeting your ad spend.

Data traps

Horizon lets you create sign-up and data capture forms that can be embedded into your website, with no coding required. Customers’ details are fed straight into the Horizon One360 customer data platform, with fully compliant GDPR opt-in management.

Promotional acquisition campaigns and KYC

Sometimes you need to give prospects a little nudge to convert, to make their first purchase or to share their contact details so you can engage them in future campaigns.

Horizon’s voucher code management and POS integration capabilities make it easy to incentivise customers to share their details with you, by giving them a single-use redeemable code in exchange.

Games and gamification

Through our integration with gamification platforms including Thyngs and Cataboom, we make it easy to engage your customers and prospects with games and other interactive experiences… and when they win, their details can be fed straight into Horizon One360 for ongoing engagement.