Interactive voice services

It’s likely that your customers are already using “voice” services to interact with your brand, through voice search and “virtual assistant” AI services like Amazon Alexa. You may also have a more traditional interactive voice response” (IVR) system for managing contact centre demand, triaging calls to various teams and enabling customer self-service.

The gulf in customer experience between these two types of service can be enormous, and increasingly brands’ “owned” voice services aren’t meeting customer expectations.

We’ve been delivering adaptive, data-driven interactive voice services for over 20 years, including personalised “marketing IVR” for one of the UK’s largest telcos, mission-critical “warn and inform” IVR for flood warnings, and UK firsts on telephone e-Voting. We’re experts in voice dialogue design and best-practice use of text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) and automated speech recognition (ASR).

We can help you to deliver better “voice” services to your customers, to reduce costs, increase revenue and deliver a better end-to-end customer experience.

Inbound network IVR

Our Horizon platform has over 3,000 ports of speech-enabled “cloud” IVR capacity, fully data-driven and VoiceXML compliant. All calls can be personalised using data from the Horizon One360 customer data platform or your own APIs.

Outbound alerts and service messages

Outbound IVR calls can be triggered via an API, upon receipt of an inbound message (e.g. “email-to-voice” or “SMS-to-voice”), using individual customers’ data (e.g. for appointment reminders) or on a predefined schedule. Messages can use pre-recorded prompts or text-to-speech synthesis, with answerphone detection.

Virtual assistants

If you’re considering an “Alexa” type service for your brand, we can help you to explore potential use-cases, design your MVP and iterate to a production-ready service.