Sales campaigns & promotion management

Blanket discounts and promotions can undermine brand value, creating a “discount culture”. Used in a more targeted way, they can increase spend and motivate customers who wouldn’t otherwise purchase.

Horizon makes it easy to create joined-up sales campaigns and promotions, from simple sales emails with a call-to-action, through to personalised offers with single-use codes that can be applied on eCommerce or at physical point of sale.

Campaign messaging

Campaigns can be targeted at specific segments of customers, using any data held in Horizon One360 – including geolocation, previous purchases, interests, behaviours and ML-generated insights such as customer lifetime value (CLV) and churn risk.

Personalised loyalty offers

Because all Horizon services work seamlessly together, redeemable offers (such as a free coffee) can be easily targeted at the same customer segment as any outbound comms. Offers can be configured to use single-use codes, and integrated with third-party “POS wallet” services such as Flooid Personalised offers if required.

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Personalised promotions

Horizon makes it easy to configure, test and manage personalised sales promotions, with customer eligibility based on overall basket value, specific basket line items, previous purchase behaviour, individual customer details, marketing segments and more.

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Closed-loop reporting

Track new customer acquisitions, campaign engagement, single-use code issuance and redemption, and incremental sales revenue generated from your promotions… all in one place. Horizon AutoPilot dashboards show you what’s working, and opportunities for improvement.

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