Warn and inform

HTK has delivered warn-and-inform solutions at national, regional and local levels since 1999, including services classified as critical national infrastructure. Our broad platform capabilities, operational experience and approach to information security can help you to keep individuals and groups informed before, during and after critical events.

Business continuity messaging

Store staff details in the Horizon One360 database, with full self-service capabilities and API integrations to keep information up to date. Build templated messages and cascade rules to prepare in advance for a range of different scenarios, and communicate quickly when needed by voice, SMS, email and push message. Use inbound channels including web, SMS and IVR to capture individuals’ status.

Local resilience

Local authorities, resilience forums and police forces need a flexible, low-cost way to engage with, warn and inform the public. Horizon One360’s flexible database enables storage of whatever data attributes you need, with mobile-friendly tools for public self-service of contact details, interests and messaging preferences. Horizon’s user interface is simple to use with minimal training, and enables targeted multi-channel messaging using predefined rules and/or map-based geotargeting.

National warn-and-inform

Working with BT, HTK designed, built and operated the UK’s first national-scale warn-and-inform solution, classed as critical national infrastructure. Our platform capabilities, operational experience and approach to information security make us an ideal partner for national-scale warn and inform solutions.

Environmental and flood warning dissemination

Working with BT, HTK has provided the end-to-end flood warning dissemination solution for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) since 2011. Our Horizon platform supports specific business processes for raising flood alerts, warnings and severe warnings, including outbound geo-targeted messaging, floodline website and IVR updates. The flexibility of our platform means it could equally well be used for other environmental events such as extreme weather.

Maximising positive outcomes

Helping people to help themselves and each other requires coordinated effort before, during and after each incident, underpinned by a cohesive communications and engagement strategy. The same techniques that we apply in private sector loyalty and CRM programs can be brought to bear to motivate individuals to better prepare themselves, and to recognise and celebrate their contributions.